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Lunedit can handle your illustrated book projects, from design to printing.

With 20 years of experience, we can manage the design, editorial coordination and/or the translation of your projects.


Clients includE...


A passion
for publishing

we can help you with... 

We will conceive new projects with you that fit your editorial programme and
the market.

We will establish teams and schedules
and monitor the progress of your titles, from the time you commission us until
we deliver them to the printer.

We have wide experience in working on
co-editions and can translate titles bought in from a foreign publisher from English or German into French and from French to English.

With 20 years of experience in publishing illustrated books – as a publisher of practical lifestyle and reference books then as Editorial Director of Celadon Editions – Lucie Nédellec has created LUNEDIT to meet your publishing needs.

We will create your books with top publishing professionals, respect your deadlines (even if they’re tight!) and deliver at competitive prices.


our core business

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